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Harley Haze is a serious gamer girl and she cannot get enough of playing her video games. She is swearing a lot when she plays, with the volume on the TV high and her voice on team chat filling her gamer room. Eventually, her stepbrother, Codey Steele, can’t take it anymore. It’s impossible for him to focus on his studies in all the noise Harley is making. He goes out to the living room to tell Harley to turn it down, but Harley won’t do it. In fact, she waits for Codey to leave and then turns it up even louder! Codey returns and reminds Haley that her mother put him in charge. She has to obey everything he says. Harley isn’t having any of it! They argue over the TV remote, and in the tussle, Harley’s lovely titty pops out of her shirt …


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